About Serge Sakayan

Serge Sakayan, jewelry designer, Montreal Jewelry Stores

Are you stumped about what to bestow upon your loved one? Serge Sakayan has a few suggestions: diamonds, diamonds, and diamonds.

Sakayan has long succumbed to the allure of gems. He began his love affair with jewellery in the 1980s, working in his father’s jewellery store in Cairo. When he came to Canada, he started to work in the design department at Birks but soon set up his own atelier, designing for clients in Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec City.  In 2001, Sakayan went into business for himself and now presents his exclusive creations by appointment. He also designs and crafts unique pieces on commission.

Jewellery has traditionally been a gift for women, but Sakayan notes that fashion jewellery for men is increasingly popular. “Some men go for pendants, such as crosses,” he says, adding that such a strong statement might not be for every man. “Rings have started to be very popular for men. A masculine wedding band with diamonds can still make a fashion statement.”

In the dark days around the winter solstice, Sakayan’s creations, with the flash of diamonds and the warmth of gold, add cheer to the scene. “Anything with diamonds makes people happy,” says Sakayan. “It makes them feel precious, just like a gem.”

– Phillipa Rispin, MontrealHomeMag.com