Every piece available for purchase on has been painstakingly designed, handcrafted, and refined, by Serge himself. Considering the care and attention detail found in every piece, Serge proudly stands behind every product he creates.

Every piece sold is carefully inspected prior to shipment, to ensure your complete satisfaction upon delivery. This being said, we understand that items are often surprise gifts, and as such, not everyone likes everything.

Should you wish to return your piece for a refund or exchange, you may do so within 30 CALENDAR DAYS of the date your order was shipped-out.

Return Instructions

Prior to sending back your return, you must contact us by email to advise us of your intent to return your order, so that we know to be on the lookout for your return shipment. You will need to advise us of whether you would like a refund or an exchange.

Return shipments must be sent-out and received in a timely manner, once we have been notified that of your plan to send-back your purchase.

For the return shipment, we recommend using a method that provides insurance, tracking, and signature upon delivery, so as to protect yourself from any issues related to damage in transit or shipment loss.

Return shipments are the responsibility of the client. We are not responsible for the cost of return shipping, nor are we responsible for any damage or loss that occurs to a return in transit. We strongly recommend that you include sufficient insurance on any return shipment.

Your order must be returned with it’s original gift box(es), and any original documentation or appraisal certificate(s).

As-Sold Condition

In order to be eligible for a refund, your purchase must be returned in the same condition as it was sold. Items that have been misused or abused, either intentionally or unintentionally, may be subject to a re-stocking fee, or an outright refusal of return Every returned item will be personally inspected by Serge Sakayan. Any 3rd party customization or alteration, including local ring sizing, may be considered grounds for the refusal of a return, or a re-stocking fee.